Our Philosophy, inspiring all our work, holds that beautiful art and everyday functionality should be inseparable. We offer unique articles in several glass forms, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, pottery, silver jewelry, unique accessories, and specialized custom orders. Creating splendid designs for you to live with and love, is the chief hallmark of our gallery. Our work throughout these diverse media is original and nationally award winning. Excellence and imagination are finely-honed in our artistry and craftsmanship.

Roger Mathews is a Wichita local, having grown up in College Hill. He is a Wichita State University alum and carries a master’s in Art Education. Roger has an extensive history in art throughout the city and region as he has been involved in local education and art community since 1970.

Troy Welty is the “right hand man” of the gallery. He works tirelessly, as a master craftsman himself, assisting to materialize Roger’s aspirations. Troy, is an irreplaceable support in the gallery and at the National Juried Art Shows across the nation that Roger attends. He has been an assistant with Roger for the last 45 years.

Of all his creations and accomplishments, Roger would say his best is by far his family. Roger has 6 adult children, all married, and 11 grandchildren. Papa Rog, as he is fondly called, uses his gifts and talents to spread love to family and community.

Dee Pollard maintains the gallery with her joyful spirit and hard work. She is the organizational life-force behind the scenes. Dee maintains the gallery while Troy and Roger are out of town and is responsible for making pieces ready for sale. Dee has been with Mathews Gallery for 28 years.

Beautiful art and everyday functionality should be inseparable.

Roger Mathews
Roger Mathews